Wire Covers

Decorative Crown Molding

Crown Molding Cord Covers, constructed from highly durable PVC plastic, are ready to help you drastically change the appearance of any room which contains cable and wire runs from household or office electronics, from audio and entertainment systems, telephone and internet lines to coaxial cables, extension cords, etc. The white body has a semi-gloss and paint-able finish, allowing you to keep the distinguished tone as is, or easily match it to the color of the surrounding decor. The RowlCrown covers come in lengths of 8 feet, and are easily installed along the perimeter of a room. The attractive profiles, corners and connectors are sleek and striking in appearance, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any setting, while fully concealling your cables yet leaving them unhindered in their runs.
  • Hide home entertainment cable wires with beautiful cove ceiling molding
  • Great to use with wall mount TV installations
  • Use in homes, apartments or offices, as there is no adhesive tape to destroy dry wall
  • Mounts with screws and corner pieces
  • Detailed instructions for different mounting methods make it east to install
  • Body of lightweight, white PVC plastic
  • Easily installed and quickly removable
  • Lengths of 8 feet
  • Extruded PVC base is easily cut for custom length
Crown Molding
Model Number Description Height Length Depth Color
3200 Crown Molding Cord Cover 4" 8' 2.3" White
3201 Crown Molding Inner Corner 4" N/a 2.3" White
3202 Crown Molding Outer Corner 4" N/a 2.3" White
3203 Crown Molding Connector 4" N/a 2.3" White
3204 Crown Molding Splice 4" N/a 2.3" White