Wire Covers

Exterior Smooth Mold Cable Raceway

When outdoor drops of cable from lighting, speakers, extension cords etc. are running exposed along surfaces and around corners, the outer appearance and impression of your house, office, or business is significantly reduced. Not only unsightly, this leaves the runs themselves open to wear and damage. But the seamless, sleek yet rugged Outdoor Mold Cable Cover routes and conceals cables with a uniquely continuous surface that is easy to install and crafted for exterior applications.
  • Shield lines of hanging outdoor cables with a slick, seamless profile, appearing uninterrupted when routing around corners
  • Wetable and impervious to cold, the material is an exterior compound that will nit brittle and crack in fluxing temperatures
  • UL 94 tested and ISO conforming, with inherent UV resistance and reliable electrical insulation
  • Attractive yet sturdy, the lengths are hinged to make installation safer in rugged terrain or high-up sites
  • 5' body can be cut for custom lengths, is impact resistant and has no unsightly flange
Accessory Fittings:
Exterior Smooth Mold Fittings
Model Number Description Length Width Height Color
3100 Smooth Mold Outdoor Wall Cover 5' 1 3/8" 3/4" White
3101 Smooth Mold Outdoor Flat Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3102 Smooth Mold Outdoor Inside Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3103 Smooth Mold Outdoor Outside Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3104 Smooth Mold Outdoor Coupling Connector N/a N/a N/a White