Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop Wraps

Hook and Loop Wraps are ideal for fiber optics, cord & cable management, medical devices, in-plant maintenance, automotive, novelty promotions. They are easy to install and re-usable, simply peel hook and loop sides apart with your hands. All Duraline Hook and Loop Wraps are completely weather proof, which means they never rust so they are perfect for interior and exterior use.
  • Easy to install- just snug around cables or fiber optics and touch one side of the strap (the "hook" side) to the other (the "loop" side)
  • No buckles or snaps to get in the way
  • Re-usable - simply peel hook and loop sides apart with your hands
  • Weather proof, never rusts - interior and exterior use
  • Available in various colors
Hook and Loop Wrap
7" Hook and Loop Wraps
Model Number Color Length Head Width Strap Width Quantity
7142 Black 7" 0.75" 0.5" 20
7145 Yellow 7" 0.75" 0.5" 20
7144 Red 7" 0.75" 0.5" 20
7143 Blue 7" 0.75" 0.5" 20
7146 Green 7" 0.75" 0.5" 20