Wire Covers

Smooth Mold Cable Raceway

With entertainment and speaker systems, extension cords, phone or internet lines, our interior spaces at home or in the workplace are forever filling with drops and runs of wires. But the need to route wires through wall or to remove baseboards is gone forever with the slick, seamlessly fitting Smooth Mold Cable Covers, 5' lengths of attractive base & profile that are long lasting yet will not discolor or crack with time and add aesthetic appeal to any room.
  • Discreet and attractive, subtly installing along a baseboard or flush against wall
  • Seamless, white body adds distinction, complementing decor while giving reliable electrical insulation
  • UL 94 tested and ISO conforming, with inherent UV resistance for sunlit rooms
  • No unsightly flange, plus hinged lid designed to ensure maintenance & additionsto cables is easy
  • 5' body can be cut to custom lengths on drops to fit any unique indoor space
Accessory Fittings:
Interior Smooth Mold Fittings
Model Number Description Length Width Height Color
3055 Smooth Mold Wall Cord Cover 5' 1 3/8" 3/4" White
3016 Smooth Mold Flat Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3017 Smooth Mold Inside Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3018 Smooth Mold Outside Elbow N/a N/a N/a White
3021 Smooth Mold Coupling Connector N/a N/a N/a White